New Year’s Day – Had to check and see if Viacom really did pull off the channels as they threatened.  Nope.  Everything still there.  But wait!  What’s this on Channel 174?  It’s the MLB Network!  Happy New Year! (Especially after 5 inches of snow yesterday here in NY’s Catskill Mountains.)

So I sat through the looped promos (because it’s on – but not really on).  So far so good.  One problem already, however, (from a New York boy).  Do we have to start off the first evening with Don Larson’s perfect game?  Do we have to see Yogi jump into his arms one more time?  We know how this one ends – especially if you have access to the YES Network (which has shown it a bit).  
I am pleased to see that on Tuesday they will begin airing the Ken Burns series on baseball.  Not perfect, but pretty darn good.  Also glad to see Harold Reynolds back (although if you are a Mets fan, you got to see him on SNY doing game wraps).  Still, always liked Harold.
Where is it going?  Who knows.  But it sure is good to see baseball again (that is after I finish shoveling).